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Bluesound Node X

Overall I like the Node X. Set up was mostly easy other than some airplay issues which have since been resolved (with no help from Bluesound because they never answered my email).

AirPlay is now seamless and I’m a huge fan. The HDMI port is so essential, I’m planning on using it for Apple TV while using the analog in for my turntable.

Still working on USB playback for high res files.

Would love to see balanced outputs, a physical volume control (maybe on top like a Naim Uniti), a full size optical in, and Apple Music supported natively like at Sonos.

PSB X1T versus Polk Rti A7

A hell of a difference with these PSB’s - these sound a more crispy and clearer compared with the Polk Audio. System sounds better than before- I would say these compliment the Denon X4300 system. Running a 9.2.4 configuration with the PSB’s and a pair of Warfedale Ventana for the fronts. This is the place to shop for really good speakers etc. great prices for sure


Le lecteur vient d'arriver, livraison rapide, on dirait qu'il est neuf!! Zappa-Zagreb 1975 avec "Black Napkins" joue... Le son est merveilleux, en espérant que le lecteur "reconditionné" ne me lâche pas en cours de route! Je recommande +++
Merci AudioFactory!

DALI Oberon 5

I'v had the speakers for 10 days and they keep getting better. The detail, transparency, and smooth midrange all keep opening up more. They are short for floor standing speakers, so I put each on a 3" blocks of concrete which brought the tweeter up to ear level. Also, I have them toed in a little despite DALI recommendation to have them straight. Because they are close to the side walls the toeing in improved the imaging. I highly recommend DALI. These are better than other speakers I've had over the last 3 decades; KEF, Paradigm, PSB, Polk, Energy, Totem. These DALIs really thrive on a steady diet of well recorded folk rock, jazz, chamber music, and electronica.

Bluesound POWERNODE EDGE Compact Wireless Music Streaming Amplifier


Nad 658, early review

Nifty piece of gear. Easy set up. Can’t beat the price right now. Couldn’t use the Dirac right away because I can be a bit of an idiot sometimes. A quick back and forth between support and myself rectified that in short order. I am now a Dirac god; fun bit of stuff. (Hint: the mic plugs into the back of the 658 unit via a usb dongle included) Paired easily with an existing Node for multi room, lag free.. blah blah. Sound itself is very transparent; exactly what you would expect from NAD. Support (Tyler) was very non-judgmental. Can’t wait to make another purchase here.

big sound for a small speaker

only 2 way home audio speakers I own.
I do find the highs great and good bass for a small unit. missing some of the midrange that I'm used to from vintage & 30 yr old 3 way sets I use. I do find them improving with use and that being said , in an attempt to give newer technology a fair try, I also picked up a center channel vokal and just ordered a dali sub. more will be revealed :) wanting a single system for quality 2.1 audio and surround tv

Great product at a great price Bluesound Node N130

This was my fourth Node after Node 2, Powernode 2 and Node 2i. I was familiar with what I could expect in terms of sound and connectivity. My only concern was what the physical condition of the unit is going to be. In a way, I am fanatical in keeping my equipment in a tip-top shape and everything I own looks like brand new. Buying a refurbished/recertified unit had a certain risk that the unit may have some signs of use or abuse. I was extremely happy about the condition of the unit I received. It looks like it has never been touched and sounds great.

Like new

Cannot tell the product is refurbished. Happy with the purchase. Perfect for a compact hi-fi system.

PSB SubSeries 250.

Great speaker, compliments my PSB tower speakers perfectly. Supplies the missing lower bass frequencies without being overpowering. Now I have a viable frequency response of 20-20k.

Works great.

I’m loving my Nad cs1, I use it on my Nad 1155, my two Nad 218’s and my pair of kef 105/3
Took less than a hour to set up
I’d recommend hardwiring it to your Ethernet
If wifi is weak you’ll get static.
Good quality for the price

PSB M4U8 MKII Headphones

Received these headphones last year and they worked amazing loved how they fit and the sound was clear. The definitely did their job in the noise cancelling department. Overall a great set of headphones.

Alpha, AM Impressed by your performance

Read several reviews before taking the plunge and PSB Alpha AM5s have exceeded my expectations! My only regret is I didn’t buy more pairs while they were on sale because I’d like to gift them to my kids now too.

Received defective product - technical support 3.5 days no call

Seems the Dali might be a nice speaker, but (2) devices I connect drop within 5 seconds and the device turns off. Try to locate firmware, Dali site says page not found. I’m at 3.5 business days with no return call from technical support. The purchasing side people are prompt and helpful. Was hoping to work with tech support before sending back but can’t wait forever.

Regarding sound, well balanced sound across the spectrum but some might would consider light on the low end. The small Bose speaker out performs on the low end for ref.

Good product so far....

Good product after using for a couple of weeks. Hard to give full stars with out a few months of drive time. App seems stable and audio quality is good. Design is nice too....

Excellent service

I'm impressed! The item i ordered was exactly as described and shipping was fast and efficient. The Audio factory has been saved for any possible future purchases...

Happy customer

Bought a nice Bluesound Node X , fast shipping and a very good price .
Thanks Audio Factory

NAD c538

Incredible cd player and quality sound. Great price for a product that is like new, from reputable company. Received incredible service and advice from Alec. Will definitely buy from Audio Factory again.

needs an output to be complete

Crystal clarity

Lovely sound, coupled with a NAD amp and dirac system, perfect response anywhere on the volume dial. And an elegant retro look.

Sergio Mordo
Can't believe how good it is, considering price and size

I recently dusted off my dads JBL L100 Century speakers that he bought in the 70s and gave them a full cosmetic overhaul. Unfortunately he passed away before I could show them to him so I decided to keep them in his memory and use them in my living room not only for music, but also as a stereo system for my TV. The only thing missing was an amplifier that could drive them. Same as everyone else, I would love a modern, but vintage looking high end amplifier with some VU meters in the front but everything I found was way beyond my budget. Then came this Bluesound Powernode. It helped me bring these vintage speakers to the modern era by allowing me to stream music from my phone with Tidal and Spotify seamlessly over wifi. Not only that, but thanks to the HDMI connection, I can now watch movies and tv shows, play games on my XBOX through these amazing speakers. I have been using it for almost a year and the only negative comment I have is, if I turn off my TV without muting it, I get a static burst right after the TV is turned off. Not sure if this is an issue with my TV or the amp, but it really does not bother me. Made it a habit to always mute the tv before turning off. Thank you Bluesound for making such an affordable, great little product...

Perhaps too early to tell...

Picked these up for a fron L&R home theatre. So far no much coming out of them. Setup with a B&W HTM6 centre channel and B&W MT1 for surround. Perhaps they are being outplayed or just need more time to be loosed up. If no change in a few months I will either sell or keep them for side surround in a 7.2 setup. The reviews I read before my purchase were very positive however everyone hears something different.

Good sounding cd player!

Sounds great, easy to operate, remote isn’t to big or to small. I wish Nad would come out with a 5 disc cd player with sound quality. First one sent to me the cd tray wouldn’t open, they sent another one out asap. Great customer service also.

Nice addition to Bluesound

The remote is handy for doing simple things like changing the volume. Can also save steps by using presets. Considering the cost of the Bluesound components, they really should come with the remote control included.