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DALI Sub C-8 D 8" Powered Subwoofer

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Unlike some subwoofers, the DALI SUB C-8 D has been engineered to perform equally well on both music and movies. It is very important to DALI that a subwoofer can render a performance true to the input signal. Therefore a DALI subwoofer is everything but a ‘boombox’.

The DALI SUB C-8 D will feel equally at home in a movie-focused surround setup and a compact stereo setup meant for mainly musical enjoyment.

Over the years DALI’s engineers have developed a set of sound design principles. Today these are applied in the creation of any DALI speaker. Naturally, our subwoofers must be able to enter into any setup without sacrificing the purpose of providing wide dispersion, time coherent and low-loss performance.

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Troy S
nice sub for both 7.1 surround movies and 2.1 music listening

still in the early days and break in phase,
but it is responsive, punchy and fast responses.
and my wife doest mind it :)
good build quality. good documentation.
hopeful it will last longer than many of the off the shelf
"disposable" subs with a couple years life expectancy