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Great intro into the audiophile world!

I have these hooked up to an Aiyima A07 MAX in stereo mode. I'm currently using them in a nearfield setup on my desktop. I use my speakers for music, gaming, and movies. I needed a bookshelf speaker that would hit a sound signature I liked (neutral with slight bass boost), and within a restricted form factor. I chose these based on reviews on forums and reddit.

The sound is great, I'm surprised how low these can get at this price point. These are considered slightly bass boosted to some but for myself, I think its perfect. The mids are nice, highs are not harsh and blend well. The soundstage at nearfield is nice and open. I will be looking to add a subwoofer later down the line to fill that ultra low end missing with most bookshelf speakers.

The finish of the speaker looks great at this price point. The brushed metal rings around the drivers add a nice touch the aesthetic. The walnut vinyl finish looks pretty good, with a slight texture. The speaker grills easily attach with magnets, but you will need to manually align them slightly which isn't a huge deal, again at this price point. I would recommend spade connectors or banana plugs to hook these up. I went with banana plugs myself as they are easily available online.

The speakers arrived in factory fresh condition, with plastic wrapping and everything still on the units. No scratches or dents of any kind on each unit. I never would've known that they were refurbished unless I was told.

Small but mighty

OK, so the satellite speakers are small. The sub is not small, but compact compared to some of the big ones out there at you can buy. Built like a tank, so heavier then I expected. Perhaps I should say, it is discrete and easily fits into a room. Meets approval as no need to move furniture because "it is the way". lol
Extremely happy with the sound from the speakers and sub combo. Easy to set up the sub.
The Audio Factory was quick to ship. If these are "refurb", it is impossible to tell.
Happy either way.

Just to buy more !!

Highly recommended as a package deal with the PowerNode!

Great musical all in one

Bought this with the sub/satellite package. Couldn't be happier with the ease of use, the app, set-up, and the sound. Almost feel like I should buy another and go for the floor standing speakers package deal. My wallet is twitching....
Highly recommended.

The Audio Factory was quick to ship. No issues regarding a "refurb". Everything is like new.

Would do business again.

Bluesound Powernode Edge

I purchased this to replace the Bluesound Node I was using since the power amp that connected to the Node stopped working. The Powernode Edge is used for background music so the 40W amplifier is more than powerful enough. It retains the sound signature of the Node - favouring richness over extension & airiness, so it is easy to please most people’s ears.

Bluesound wireless sub

It was seamless to install. Looks great with its low profile and small footprint. And the sound is excellent. I love how simple its is to adjust the sound using the blue sound App.

My First Streaming Device and I Love It

I am improving an audio system and have been throwing e-music to the amp using a simple bluetooth device. This Blusound Node X has blown me away with the improved sound quality from sources such as TIDAL. I have yet to explore more of the Node X capabilities but I am starting off extremely satisfied!

Great deal, great speaker

Well packaged, delivered fast. Perfect condition. Speakers sound amazing, a little warm, adjusted the EQ a touch and they are perfect. Would buy from the Audio Factory again!

Great cd player except for a glitch on day 2

Great CD player on Day 1.Discs played perfectly. Day 2 , I tried a dozen different discs and not of them loaded properly. The cd door closed and the disc loading message didn’t change and the discs didn’t mount successfully. I even tried 3 of the same discs that played perfectly the day before.

As a last resort, I unplugged the player and plugged it back in and that solved the problem.

NAD CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer
Christopher Evans-Rymes

Item glitches, losing control of device from Tidal, must hard reset. Sound quality is good though.

PSB Imagine T’s - Stellar Speakers

For quite some time I’ve been looking for the PSB Imagine B bookshelf speakers, and while I found a set for sale on eBay, I also noticed the incredible deal on the PSB Imagine T speakers! I wasn’t familiar with ‘The Audio Factory,’ despite owning the entire PSB Imagine XB/C/T2 speakers, and a NAD Streamer and DAC—come to find out, The Audio Factory is a distributor for these amazing brands! Not to mention, the deal on the PSB Imagine T speakers was absolutely incredible! These were the Tower speakers I wish I had bought when I originally purchased the Imagine X2T speakers.

The elegant shape of the cabinet on the Imagine T’s was also accompanied by quite the price tag, and when I first bought the X2T’s, I couldn’t quite afford the T’s. However, when I saw this incredible deal, I was skeptical at first—I thought for sure it was a scam, but after investigating, I realized just how incredible a deal it was! The shipping was incredibly quick, arriving within two days, and the piano gloss black speakers were in immaculate condition and are quite the stunners. The curved cabinets are an art piece alone, and that’s before even getting to the clarity and stunning sound staging these tower speakers have. I ended up listening to entire albums, from Reggae to Metal to EDM, they’re absolutely incredible and I would definitely recommend these tower speakers to anyone and everyone. Had I not already had a black cabinet center channel and black rear speakers, I would certainly have gone for the cherry color, as they’re about as beautiful a speaker as I’ve ever seen (though the gloss black are also stunning, just slightly less noticeable—which is why the cherry is just perfect to show off these art pieces)

All in all, The Audio Factory is incredible whether shipping, price or quality are considered—I’ve already been looking for more deals, specifically on the NAD A/V Receivers which have replaceable line-cards and I’ll definitely be purchasing more audio equipment from The Audio Factory—overall, it’s an 11/10 experience!


Easy set up no apps and superb sound. The recertified unit is like new. All good !

Nice little speaker for my small office

I bought this speaker after trying out the Amazon Echo Studio. The sound quality is far superior and it fit in with my other BlueOS devices much smoother than that stupid talking speaker. If it was a little less expensive I would get a second to have stereo sound.


Hooked my tube amp up to this with my Monitor Audios and it sounds great. I was hoping to have a hard line to connect, but bluetooth seems ok. Once in a while it gets interference.


Bought these to replace older model. The fit is good, the sound is great. The price included shipping. I'm going to buy another set for my wife.

Bluesound NODE 2i
Mike Barrett
Bluesound NODE 2i

Product was delivered way faster than expected and was basically new except the box had been opened (do not believe the device was ever removed from box). Basic setup and connection to Tidal and Spotify accounts was very easy and sound is excellent. Tried A to B comparison with "higher" end DAC from Peachtree and could not hear any difference. Connecting to home NAS and external SSD was a little more challenging, but all in all is an excellent product and would recommend to anyone looking for a home streamer.

MDC2 BluOS D Module
david jantz
Get this now

Honestly, best money ever spent on hifi equipment.
Blu OsD with Dirac Live made a huge difference in bass management, and soundstage.
Listening experience went from still murky waters to a glacier lake, like difference .

Oh, and Streaming also works great 👍

Best Very Small speaker I have ever heard and I have heard a LOT!!

Simply put the sound that comes out of these really small speakers in my smallish room is nothing short of superb. Now to be fair I have them teamed up with Martin Logan (or the other way around( Dynamo 700) with the settings at the right places but the actually output as low as it can go - so I get a beautiful balanced sound - the blending of frequencies between the tweeter (sweet) and the woofer is superb.

IF you have a smaller room setup try these - you will not regret it.

can I give 6 stars?

I had previously posted a low-scoring review, but need to change that. That issue was due to a shipping issue that was UTTERLY out of Audio Factory's control. Audio Factory staff intervened and got everything handled - their customer service alone deserves 6 stars.

I'm moving from Sonos, and suspect others are too. the Bluesound gear definitely equals the Sonos hardware. I'm still getting used to the app, but that's my own learning curve. The sound quality is great, and the setup is far easier than the Sonos setup ever was. Impressively, the library import was blindingly fast when compared to Sonos, which was lackadaisical.

Overall? Fantastic. Thank you, Audio Factory, for great products and great service. I have other hardware to buy, and it'll be from you.

These sound great

Great sound, and nice aesthetic. One of my two speakers was shipped with the plastic cap for the wire attachment inside the speaker box, which concerns me about the QA process.

Nicely done.

Speaker is like new. Fast shipping. Thanks

NAD C389 with Blu-Os is Perfect!

Found positive online reccomendations about your high-quality workmanship and happily found same positive result, very glad to find you!

Functional & minimal, sounds great!

I was looking for an upgrade to my living room system where we watch television and listen to music. In particular I wanted something drop-dead simple for other members of the household to operate along with a sound upgrade for me, since music is my passion. The HDMI input with auto-sense activated makes it so that my partner always has sound whenever she turns on the television, while the clear, punchy sound prowess of the Powernode plus the streaming functionality of the Bluesound software keeps me happy. Win-win!

can i make it 6 stars?

I recently ordered a bunch of bluesound gear including the pulse soundbar +. Through no fault of Bluesound, there were problems with shipping. Once notified, Bluesound went to work to rectify the issue and did so as quickly as they could - their customer service deserves strong recognition for this effort.

Now to the gear. Well built. Well packaged - particularly like the all-recyclable packaging. Install easier than anticipated. and the sound? the sound is worth every penny.

Many thanks to Bluesound for quality products and above-and-beyond service. Hats off!

Great sound but speaker with battery won't fit on the stand.

The sound from the Blu Sound plus portable speakers is great. The problem was I needed the speaker with battery installed to be able to be used with the stand. The stand does not accommodate this. The second issue is that app is finicky and troublesome at times.

Absolutely superb power amp

I replaced my trusty but slightly old Tag McLaren 100*2 power amp with the NAD M22 and it is just superb. I have had NAD equipment past and it always impressed me, but this master series is on a completely different level.

The bass has become much tighter and the imaging is just so precise now, I didn’t realize that my Tag amp was lacking in this area until now.

Now I guess I’ll have to save up for a matching re-amp