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T 777 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

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NAD T 777 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

The T 777 includes NAD’s highly innovative Modular Design Construction (MDC) to give you the flexibility to keep up with the ever-changing world of AV. With MDC, your T 777 can be easily upgraded to include future digital formats without replacing the entire AV receiver. So whatever the future has in store, you’ll be ready! MDC won the prestigious reddot Design Award and continues to be lauded as one of the most essential innovations to look for in an AV receiver.

The T 777 includes the latest high-speed Dual Core Floating Point DSP technology for popular surround formats, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Our own highly regarded EARS (Enhanced Ambient Recovery System) surround mode will also provide you with natural room-filling sound from any two-channel source. Unlike other DSP modes, EARS eliminates undesirable artificial effects. Its natural musicality and incredible sound effects, makes the T 777 perfect for any home theatre.

At NAD, we believe video processing should happen at the display, so the T 777 doesn’t degrade video quality with multiple format conversions and video processing. Instead, your display receives the purest video signal possible. With full support for the latest HD digital video technologies, including 3D video in resolutions up to 1080p, the T 777 will also cross convert analogue video sources. The latest HDMI technologies, including Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) and Audio Return Channel (ARC), are also part of the T 777’s many offerings.

Don’t let the specs fool you. The T 777’s 80W of continuous power per seven channels is more than enough to power high performance home theatre systems easily. Plus NAD’s PowerDrive ensures an extra power boost for dynamic immersive sound for your music or movies. We’ve even made improvements to the T 777’s power amplifier in order to eke out more musical performance.

With seven HDMI inputs and two outputs plus digital coaxial and optical inputs/outputs, the T 777 gives you loads of system options. For easy connection to home automation, the T 777 offers IP control, IR outputs, programmable 12V triggers, and an RS-232 port. Speakers can be added in other rooms or ‘Zones’, and with a simple on-screen setup and click of the supplied second zone remote (Zone output can redirected to Back Surround channels), your home is filled with NAD sound. iPod users can even add our IPD 2 Dock or for digital radio, our DB 2 digital DAB+ module (230V only).


FTC 7 x 140W

Full Disclosure Power (all channels driven simultaneously) 7 x 80W (19dBW)

IHF Dynamic Power 8 Ohms

4 Ohms



Total Harmonic Distortion at rated power (THD + N) <0.08%

IM distortion at rated power <0.08%

Damping Factor, 8 Ohms >60

Input Sensitivity and Impedance 1.15V (ref. 8 Ohms, VOL at 0dB)

Frequency Response ±0.8dB (ref. 1kHz, 20Hz-20kHz)

Signal/Noise Ratio >92dB (ref. rated power at 8 Ohms, A-WTD)

>82dB (ref. 1W/8 Ohms, A-WTD)


Frequency Response ±0.5dB (ref. 20Hz-20kHz)

Signal/Noise Ratio >88dB (ref. 2V, A-WTD)

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD + N) <0.01%

Input Sensitivity 330mV (ref. 2V)

Maximum Output Level >4V



Tuning Range 530kHz - 1710kHz (120V version, 10kHz steps)

531kHz - 1620kHz (230V version, 9kHz steps)

Usable Sensitivity 55dBμV

Signal/Noise Ratio 38dB

Total Harmonic Distortion <3%

Loop Sensitivity 20dB S/N 66dBμV


Tuning range 87.50MHz - 108.50MHz

Usable Sensitivity Mono <9dBμV

Signal/Noise Ratio Mono




Total Harmonic Distortion Mono




Channel Separation 30dBμV

RDS Decode Sensitivity 28dBμV


Standby power <0.5W

Unit Dimension (WxHxD) - Gross **

(includes feet, knobs and terminals)

435 x 172 x 425mm

17 1/8 x 6 13/16 x 16 3/4”

Net weight 20.5kg (45.2lb)

Shipping weight 24.2kg (53.4lb)

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