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NŒUD Bluesound

Rating: 4.58 out of 5 (66)
SKU: N130WHTUNV ISBN: 786357001708
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Bluesound NODE Streamer de musique haute résolution multi-pièces sans fil

Apportez un streaming haute résolution 24 bits sur une chaîne stéréo existante ou sur vos haut-parleurs alimentés et accédez à toute la musique jamais enregistrée en quelques clics sur l'application BluOS Controller pour les ordinateurs iOS, Android ou Mac ou PC. Des centaines de stations de radio Internet, des services de musique premium comme Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify et des dizaines d'autres services de streaming musical sont intégrés au système d'exploitation de NODE, rendant la découverte musicale fluide et passionnante.

Ne vous laissez pas tromper par la taille et l'apparence minimaliste du NODE en diminuant ses capacités. À l’intérieur, le NODE présente une conception DAC de qualité audiophile qui prend non seulement en charge le traitement audio 24 bits/192 kHz, mais également le MQA pour une écoute de qualité supérieure. Outre de puissantes fonctionnalités logicielles telles que les commandes de tonalité et la sortie à volume fixe, vous pouvez personnaliser vos préférences d'écoute en détail.

Apportez de la musique dans votre NODE en utilisant HDMI eARC, Wi-Fi ou Ethernet, Apple AirPlay 2, aptX HD Bluetooth ou USB, pour écouter le contenu audio des services de streaming, de la télévision et de votre propre bibliothèque musicale. Écoutez votre musique via votre système HiFi ou via des écouteurs filaires ou sans fil, en vous connectant au RCA, optique TOSLINK, aptX HD Bluetooth, prise jack 3,5 mm, appareils Apple ou autres lecteurs Bluesound ou BluOS.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Jean-François Laferté
I just rediscover what a great sound means!

After reading a lot of reviews and appreciation from different sources,I finally decided to jump in the streaming world.My choice finally pointed me towards the Bluesound Node(last version).I choose my usual musical pieces to test Hi Res renditions through Qobuz.First thing I noticed was the sound space,the opening,the way music is heard and feel by me: “So what by Miles Davis at 1m.29sec. when the drummer hits the cymbal it expresses what I was looking in terms of musical spectrum.Then,”Lonely woman” by Pat Metheny showed what ECM records did for so many years is to fill the room with exquisite sound and the Node expresses it.
So,in conclusion,The Audio Factory with her spring special and re-certified Bluesound Node did myself a favor :giving me access to the streaming world to listen to musical offerings in a so detailed and fine rendition that every dollar was spent beautifully.Thx to Bluesound and The Audio Factory!

Mark Jaeger
Real HD streaming

I have been a music fanatic for most of my seven decades — from 45s, to LPs, to cassettes, to CDs and now streaming. The Bluesound NODE brings HD music to my home theater gear. Billed as refurbished, my NODE came sealed and in perfect condition, but priced as if it was used. I am thrilled by the sound quality and love the deal.

Barry Pier
Bluesound NODE

Our open-box Bluesound NODE arrived quickly and in like-new condition. It was easy to configure and more importantly, sounds great.

Richard Metzger
Love it.

Really happy with the node. I’ve read a lot of reviews mentioning connectivity/reliability issues. I’ve had none. I use it mostly with tidal connect and to play local files I have on some external drives. It’s been nothing but easy to use and reliable. It’s got me thinking about adding some satellite speakers and setting up a whole house system. Thanks to the Audio Factory for a great deal!

François Guignard
Best streamer in its price range

Love the NODE. At this price range, I wasn't sure if it would live up to my expectations. I normally read reviews before choosing my hifi gear. The critics gave it rave reviews and they were not wrong. I listen to lots of comtemporary jazz, and the sound is crisp, transparent and immersive. The BluOS app is user-friendly and I as able to share my digital music library with ease. I highly recommend the Node if you are on a tight budget!