NAD C 165BEE Stereo Preamplifier

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Distinguished amongst analogue preamplifiers, the C 165BEE is built to be the heart of any advanced home audio system. Starting with six line-level inputs, including MC/MM phono input, the C 165BEE is incredibly flexible. Featuring a superbly designed tone control circuit, the C 165BEE is an exceptional example of how to implement high-fidelity tone controls by affecting only the frequency extremes and leaving the critical midrange untouched, while also offering a bypass option. With a 12V-trigger output and IR inputs and outputs on the rear panel, the C 165BEE is ready to integrate with CI control systems. With the outstanding build quality and true engineering sophistication, the NAD C 165BEE is the preamp you’ve been waiting for.


• 6 Line Level Inputs
• Phono Input with selectable Moving Coil and Moving Magnet sensitivity settings
• 3 position Resistance and Capacitance settings for Phono Input
• 2 Line Level Outputs, one variable from 0dB to -12dB
• Subwoofer Output
• Independent Headphone Amplifier
• Pure Class A Gain Modules
• Sealed Reed Relays for Input Switching
• Heavy Gauge Steel Chassis
• Bass and Treble Controls with Defeat Switch (bypass]
• Gold Plated Sockets
• 12V Trigger Output
• IR In and Out
• Detachable Power Cord
• SR 8 NAD 4 Device System remote Control
• <1 watt Standby Consumption

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Keith Cooper
Nad c165bee

I’ve recently purchased the Nad c165bee, which I’ve been dabbling for the past 2 years, I went ahead and pulled the plug since I’ve noticed they are now discontinued and would be my last chance, upon unpacking the unit I’ve noticed 3 screws underneath only half screwed in, with a quick fix I’ve tightened them up and on my way, after setting up the unit to my c275 and c546bee I’ve noticed the volume in not working, after inspecting the remote I’ve noticed that it’s coming apart on one side, so I’m using it manually at the moment, so far I’m pleased with the sound quality, a lot more dynamic than my t757, i have reached out to the audio factory to see if it’s possible to get the remote replaced but haven’t had any response as of yet, thanks and I’m looking forward playing some tunes this weekend.

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